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Did you know that 9 out of 10 gifts are ignored and wasted?
If you need a Gift for a friend, family or client, remember that it is not WHAT you give, but HOW you give it, so it can make ALL the difference to the Receiver and Yourself.

By the way, if you received such an Awesome Gift, let me know cuz that´s MY passion: to build memorable experiences with Unique Gifts.

So far my favorites are:
- a moleskine notebooks like Leonardo used daily (brand: moleskine)
- a cool touch screen pen that last forever (brand: Chinese made),
- and a juicing machine for raw veggies (brand: Omega, available only in Amazon)

I am the Owner and CEO of Admiral Branding in USA and GrupoAdm in Santiago, Chile.
We help companies choose the right promotional gift for their clients events and employee rewards.

Find your closest gift expert to bring UNCOMMON ideas to your campaigns in: Santiago, Chile Lima, Peru Miami, USA London, UK

These are the kind problems I could be useful to solve using the proper merchandising and marketing:

- How to create a website platform sales machine including: funnel steps, autoresponder series, and relevant content and merchandising in every step.

- How to find the sweet spot in your industry to differentiate your company when 90% of the market decide by price only, doing split tests.

- How to transform your sales team in high performer experts for the current hyper informed prospects, so you can sell without selling, in a way that your offer cannot be ignored or compared. Because you are using awesome grabbers, or piece of conversational objects to start relevant conversations, and make your brand stick in their memory with a unique merchandising tailor just for them.

- How to create environments of flexibility, cooperation and innovation in your team, even if they dont have Steve Jobs´ DNA of creativity. It goes way beyond the typical brainstorming sessions with a whiteboard or yellow sticky notes.

- How to improve the customer service response, so your clients and your team even like and trust each other.

If you want to connect with me in Linkedin, go ahead, but dont try to spam your services unless you truly want to contribute or share your unique value.

All the best,

Promotional Gifts Promotional Gifts
Octavio Urzua
Tel. 305-407 2749

Promotional Ballpens     Dome Stickers

Lanyards     USB Flash Drive

Corporate Gifts Catalog ADM Group

Admiral (ADM Group) is a company based in Santiago, Chile focused on the promotional gift items to more than 2.100 companies worldwide. Our customers are institutional banks, medical & laboratories, telecommunications, hi-tech companies. We have over 700 suppliers in USA and 53 in Asia with over 16,000 different product to offer.

The hot products are flash memories with logo, promotional pens, T-shirts, seminar bags, eco notebooks, pins & lanyards, wine accessories, etc.